Thursday, April 29, 2010

I ran a mile yesterday! I went to the gym and walked uphill for .33 of a mile then I ran 1 mile and walked .25 mile when I was called out of my workout to get my crazy son from the kids club... I was only able to last 20 min before we got kicked out...oh well! I'm going to try again today. After my workout I went to a jujitsu class and had a hard workout which made up for my lack of time at the gym. For dinner I made barcelona chicken (side note I am so smart I just figured out how to add that link which takes you to the recipe by myself! Maybe I can learn to speak geek after all!!!) Fried (brown) rice and grilled pineapple. It was so delicious that I ate dinner at home when I was supposed to go out with some girl friends for dinner. I went and drank water the whole time. I know!

I ate a really yummy chicken salad, salad yesterday too that I will be eating again today. This time I used:

canned chicken
1 tb mayonnaise
half a green onion
tea cilantro
1/3 c dried cherries ( I only like the walmart dried cherries they are so plump and not overly sugary like the costco ones and even the ones I had at whole foods)
1/2 tea curry powder (supposedly helps fight againsts alzheimers (I know I spelled that wrong!) )
put on top of 2 cups lettuce. This is my favorite chicken salad so far I can't wait to have lunch

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  1. mmm, Trader Joes has good dried cherries too! Yay for you!